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About X-Force

The X-Force experience

Developed in Sweden and brought to the United States by Roger Schwab, X-Force combines the world’s most advanced negative weight training technology with one-on-one personal strength training to transform the human body in 30 minutes one day a week.

Technology unlike any other.

Typical weight machines offer resistance on the raising, or concentric, movement. X-Force machines have a unique mechanism that also challenges muscles on the lowering, or eccentric, movement. X-Force weights are tilted by 45° but instantly pivot vertically initiating the lowering portion of each rep. This pivot adds 40% more weight to the lowering movement to strengthen muscles much faster than conventional systems.

The power of 3-1-5

The key to X-Force is its unique 3-1-5 method: three seconds of concentric (raising) action, followed by a one-second pause, followed by five seconds of eccentric (lowering) movement. This process lets you achieve the results you’ve been seeking in just 30 minutes one day a week.